A Gaming N00b’s Journey
12 May 2015

A Gaming N00b’s Journey

by Yan

For a person who has never really played games, to suddenly be thrown into the world of games is quite exhilarating. It feels like opening Pandora’s Box, with so many mysteries to discover.

I grew up in a family where playing games was considered to be bad voodoo. It was forbidden to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. Playing computer games in my folks’ eyes seemed like a dead end. It wasn’t going to get me anywhere in life, but it would waste precious time.

I remember back in the days, my classmates were into DOTA, a game that I never got the chance to familiarize myself with. Every single day they would go on about the game’s new contents, characters, mechanics, and so on. It was a pain hearing about it all the time because I couldn’t spend the time to immerse myself in their world. I had old-school dial-up internet capped at 100MB per month. I couldn’t even browse properly, let alone play a match with countless lags or worse, disconnecting.


Honestly, to me playing video games was something for killing time, such as when sitting on the toilet, waiting for the bus or sitting through a boring class. Discovering Monster Hunter Portable on PSP was one of the most satisfying things in my life, as I could conceal the PSP to avoid detection from teachers or parents. Monster Hunter showed me the multiplayer aspect of games, where playing with friends or strangers and helping each other to finish quests can yield large amounts of rewards. Since the PSP is portable, I was not limited to playing with my crappy dial-up internet either.

Then, a friend recommended that I try Runescape, an MMORPG. Now, that opened up another deeper world of online gaming for me. At this stage, my folks discovered my secret activities and destroyed my PSP (Poor PSP, we had fun together!). So, I was back to square one.


Attempting to secretly play Runescape while no one was home became a habit; the online world showed me that I was missing out on so much. What got me hooked was the community within the game, I was lucky enough to find veteran players that taught me how to build and maintain my character from the ground up.

Now, working for Fedeen has given me another opportunity to immerse myself in video games. I’m finally discovering the moments I have missed out on and re-lighting that urge and curiosity that has been suppressed for so long.


I write stuff at Fedeen.