Forsaken World Mobile Live Twitter Q&A!
10 Jul 2015

Forsaken World Mobile Live Twitter Q&A!


Dear FWM Players,

We’ll be hosting two live Q&A sessions on Twitter about all things FWM. And what’s more, we’ll have some reward codes to give out!

The first will be on Sunday, July 19 at 7PM (PST). The second will be on Wednesday, July 22 at 11AM (CET). Each will last for 30 minutes.

At any time during the Q&A, tweet your questions to @forsakenmobile with the hashtag #askFWM. We’ll be retweeting questions before answering them so everyone can follow along!

If your question gets an answer, we’ll also send you a FWM reward code! Note: You must be following @forsakenmobile in order to be eligible to receive a code. You’ll find more detailed information about the rules and procedures below.

We’re looking forward to your questions and comments!


To ensure that our live Forsaken World Mobile Q&A on Twitter will go as smoothly as possible, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please use the following format when asking a question: “How do I phrase my question? #askFWM”

You must use this format if you would like your question to be answered by the FWM team. If you do not include the #askFWM hashtag in your tweet, we may not be able to see it.

2. Please ask your question only once. You may ask as many questions as you like, but please ask each question one time only.

3. Rewards: We will be sending one FWM rewards code to each person who asks a question that we answer.

  1. The reward code will be for the Demon’s Bane Weapon Pack, but a few lucky people may instead receive a code for the Mob Buster Armor Pack! Keep your fingers crossed!
  2. You must be following @forsakenmobile on Twitter in order to be eligible for a reward. If we answer your question, but you are not following @forsakenmobile, you will not receive a reward.
  3. You will know if we have answered your question because your Twitter handle will be included in our response. Only the specific people whose names are mentioned in our replies will receive rewards, even if other participants have asked the same or similar questions. Our replies will be formatted as follows: “.@asker Here is the answer to your question #askFWM”
  4. Reward codes will be sent via direct Twitter message after the Q&A session has concluded.


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