Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is designated by Fedeen Games Limited, (referred to as Fedeen Games), based on its respect to the user’s personal information.

Fedeen Games reminds users the Privacy Policy contains various articles. It is strongly recommended to read it thoroughly (minors should be read in their legal guardian) and choose to accept or to decline the policy. If users do not agree with any of the contents of this policy, please do not register or use Fedeen Games services. Users who apply Fedeen Games products will be deemed to have confirmed, accepted and agreed with the contents.

Article 1

User’s agreement: personal privacy information refers to information with which one can personally identify the user or make personal communication, including: user name, telephone number, IP address and e-mail address.

Non-personal privacy information refers to basic information recorded in Fedeen Games server, such as user’s operating status of the software, preference settings, and other general information that does not belong to personal privacy.

Article 2

Generally, Fedeen Games needs to access to users information based on the following reasons:

(1) Software validation services;

(2) Software upgrade services;

(3) Network synchronization services;

(4) Customer support and improvements on user’s security;

(5) Fedeen Games or its cooperator needs to provide the associated third party with their information because of users’ application to some feature or requirements for some certain services;

(6) Implementation of the relevant provisions of Terms of Service;

(7) Other benefits to both users and Fedeen Games.

Article 3

Fedeen Games respects privacy and focuses on the user information resources protection. Fedeen Games adopts a variety of effective security technologies and procedures to protect user information from unauthorized access, use or leakage. Fedeen Games does not publicly disclose user information to any third party, except in the following circumstances:

(1) Disclosure based on the provisions of national laws and regulations;

(2) Disclosure based on legal procedures requested by national judiciary or other government agencies with legal authority;

(3) Disclosure to protect the legal rights of yours and Fedeen Games;

(4) Disclosure to protect the personal safety of other users and third-parties in case of emergency;

(5) Litigation or arbitration to the user in order to protect the legitimate rights of Fedeen Games;

(6) Disclosure authorized by the user or user’s guardian;

(7) Legal request from user’s guardian to provide the user’s personally identifiable information.


Article 4

In addition to the above-mentioned exemptions listed in Article 3, Fedeen Games does not take any responsibility in the following cases as well:

(1) Personal information leak because you told your user password to others, did not protect your password, shared account with others, or other reasons which are not caused by Fedeen Games;

(2) Personal information leaks, lost, stolen or tampered with due to hacker attacks, computer and mobile terminal viruses, undesired results raised by technical adjustments from telecommunications sector, temporary closure due to government regulation, or adverse results caused by third party reasons (including force majeure, such as international exports backbone links and international export party telecommunications provider fails, fires, floods, lightning, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, popular, strikes, war or violence plagues and epidemics or similar events, etc.) that restrain Fedeen Games from normal operation, or other force majeure that causes impact on network policy management, or other reasons which are not caused by Fedeen Games;

(3) Personal information leak caused by with other sites and web links to Fedeen Games and thus resulting legal disputes and consequences;

(4) Policy service malfunction or other losses caused by users (including minors users) providing Fedeen Games with false, incomplete or inaccurate information;

(5) Policy service interruption caused by regular or irregular maintenance in order to guarantee proper operation of the site and the software;

(6) Other exemptions indicated on the contract between Fedeen Games and users, and exemptions indicated on rules, regulations, terms and other disclaimers released or updated on Fedeen websites.

Fedeen Games reserves the right of amendment, interpretation and updating for user privacy policy. If you want to know more about our privacy policy, please contact: