Who’s a Gamer?
16 Feb 2015

Who’s a Gamer?

By Weini

Can you call yourself a “gamer” if you’re playing mobile games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush or Plants Vs. Zombies? My opinion is yes, you can. Let me explain.

So, who exactly are gamers? People who more or less have a bit of skill in one or more games can call themselves gamers. Let’s go deeper.

There are a few main types of gamers:

Hardcore Gamers: They spend as much time as they have, sometimes bypassing natural instincts such as using the toilet, eating, or breathing. Killing the game in all possible difficulties and storylines. Most Easter Eggs that you see online have been found by hardcore gamers – yes, they are real. After finishing the official version of a game, they’ll install over 9,000 mods for the game and play it over and over again. After the game crashes from all the mods, they’ll be too lazy to reinstall it. Better to start with another game. They prefer action games, to pretend they’re superheroes, because they suck at real life. They often seek out game-related websites and forums, just for the pleasure of trolling lamers and newbies.

Online Gamers: They play online games and don’t particularly care about storyline and solo campaign of the game. They’re trying to reach the level cap and troll other players. Online gamers enjoy gloating about their achievements, rankings, frags and stuff.

E-Sport Gamers: They’re pretty similar to online gamers, but with sponsors and more showing off. Their keyboard and mouse will be more expensive than those of most other computer users.

Newbies: Also known as n00bs. They play everything that they can find, but if they run into some trouble in-game, they’ll immediately resort to cheat codes or walkthroughs to pretend as though they’ve been successful on their own.

PC and Console Gamers: Just like twins, except that they hate each other. Sometimes, they’ll sneakily play on taboo devices, just to try it out, or to find a reason to hate on it even more. If a highly anticipated game isn’t released on their device, they become insane.

But all the above is for PC and console gamers. Let’s talk about mobile gamers now.

First of all, I’d like to say that people who play mobile games are gamers, as I’ve previously said, but they are vastly different when compared to non-mobile gamers. I’ll try to explain what I mean.

Complainers: These are players who don’t have money want to buy expensive smartphones or tablets, and buy cheap Android devices instead. They’re always complaining that games crash on them, giving the games 1-star ratings because they can’t fully enjoy the gameplay. They wait for developers to compensate them because they’re using low-spec smartphones. They know everything about rooting said devices, how to install cracked versions of the games they want, and how to hack games.

Paying Gamers: You can find them in the Top 100 for every game. They are a little part of the huge gaming community. You can also call them PRO gamers. The only reason that I’ve put them in their own category is because mobile games don’t provide as many options for gamers when compared to PC or console games. So the only way be a PRO gamer with mobile games is to pay money for in-game goods and be awesome. They’re a bit similar to PC pro gamers, because they invest money and time on their games.

Casual Gamers: People who are playing just to kill time – or as I call them, Toilet Gamers. They just have a few easy games on their phones. They prefer to play games like runners, puzzles and such.

After all I’ve said, I just want to add one more thought. Mobile players are gamers, but in a different way. It’s really hard to compare them. But they’re absolutely a part of the larger gaming culture.


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